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Youíre a lucky person. Be it on your own, through an invite, or through a partnering website, youíve found the biggest and best PUA, dating and lifestyle forum in Australia.

Your dating life is about to change.

Our philosophy differs to that of the old school traditional pick-up mentality. We do not use weird practices or manipulative techniques to meet women. Yes weíve pretty much all read The Game (if thatís what brought you here) and itís kinda agreed upon that that approach, although enjoyable for some, ultimately isnít necessary to be successful with women.

We are a thriving Melbourne based community of men (and women) who are interested in refining our ability in the dating world, improving our lifestyle, and becoming the best men that we can be.

As with any good community, we have rules. Please note the following and abide by them.

1 - Have general respect for other members. Simple. Weíre a brotherhood here. Should things get heated, be a mature man.

2 - No blatant or unwarranted personal attacks on members, their family or loved ones. Not cool.

3 - No advertising of products or services without at least some other regular contribution to the Lair. We donít want your money, we want your input. 10 post minimum for any services advertisement, and a maximum of an advertising post per month. This is not a place just to just come and spam ads. Posts not adhering to this will be deleted at admin discretion.

4 - What happens on the Lair stays on the Lair. No exploiting of private information shared on here.

5 - No half posting of articles with any type of 'read more' link directing traffic to your site.

6 - No keyboard jockeying. We donít want a forum of bullshit. Please discuss that which you know, have experienced or your thoughts Ė do not falsely position yourself as an expert in an area that youíre not.

7 - No racism.

8 - No posting of anything even resembling sexual abuse or rape (including statutory rape, i.e. sex with a minor). We respect women here at the Melbourne Lair and do not in anyway condone forceful or unlawful behaviour upon women.

9 - To obtain Inner Lair access (a private section of the Lair unable to be seen by general members) you will need to attend a Newbies Night or Lair Event, make a minimum of 3 approaches, have a minimum of 10 posts, and be known to some of the crew.

10 - Neither the Melbourne Lair nor any of itís members are accountable for your actions outside of this forum. By joining this forum, you agree to be 100% responsible for the outcomes of your practice of whatever you read here. However, your actions outside of the Lair can affect your membership here.

Breaking any of these rules will result in a warning, temporary ban or permanent ban, to be decided at the discretion of admin.

Please enjoy your time in the Melbourne Lair, and please make a contribution. Weíre very welcoming to new members and it is highly recommended that you get posting to share your experiences and find like-minded individuals.

Getting started on the Melbourne Lair is the first step to massively improving your dating life and becoming a better man.


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